International I Ching Center of Numerology & Astrology

About Us

The Center, initiated by chief adviser Zhang , is committed to the study and application of I Ching, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Forecasting and Feng Shui. I Ching is honored as the head of the group. The rich meaning and value of the I Ching will also be shared by all people in the world.


I ching, in addition to academic subtlety, its application has a precious note value for decisions. In terms of treating diseases, Chinese medicine has its own different characteristics as Western medicine does. The wisdom and mystery of I Ching and its relevant academics is the treasure of Chinese culture and the treasure of human civilization.


Profile of adviser Zhang:


A dust of The World

An apprentice of I Ching & Buddha's teachings

Social and Educational worker

School of Management, Ph.D.

Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ph.D.

International I Ching Center of Numerology and Astrology, Chief Adviser